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Friday nights at the Farm!

Preserving the rural beauty and cultural legacy of Green Valley

Shaping the Community Stewardship Ethic


The Green Valley Agricultural Conservancy (Conservancy) is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate and perpetuate the tradition of the working landscapes that have characterized this part of Solano County for well over 150 years.

The Conservancy’s approach is to promote sustainable food and agriculture systems as a means of creating a synergy between the agricultural lands, the built and natural environments, community health and natural resource stewardship.

Founded in May of 2010, the Conservancy provides mechanisms to assure the long-term preservation and management of the open lands in Green Valley. The Conservancy will help to manage and monitor the ±1,500 acres of productive agricultural land, pastures, and natural areas.

Three primary roles

Protecting our Agricultural Legacy

The Conservancy assists and oversees the farms in Green Valley so that a comprehensive approach of supporting agricultural and growing food for the local community and regional foodshed is accomplished.

Building Community

The Conservancy provides educational and interpretive opportunities and the social glue for the evolving community.

Establishing a stewardship ethic

The Conservancy oversees the management, stewardship, enhancement, restoration and conservation easements for conservation lands including oak woodlands, riparian areas, pastures, rangelands, and agricultural lands.

"For many of us today hunting and gathering and growing our own food is by and large a form of play... So though a hunter-gatherer food chain still exists here and there to one degree or another, it seems to me its chief value for us at this point is not so much economic or practical as it is didactic. Like other important forms of play, it promises to teach us something about who we are beneath the crust of our civilized, practical, grown-up lives.”

- Michael Pollan, Omnivore’s Dilemma

The GVAC mission

The Heart of the Neighborhood

The mission shall be to protect the natural diversity, agricultural vitality and rural character of Green Valley by overseeing the preservation, monitoring and management of the natural and agricultural lands and by fostering an appreciation and understanding of the environment, the connection to regional food systems, and a healthy lifestyle.

Ten numbers you should know about Middle Green Valley…


Farm Stand for buying
local produce




The total acreage of the Middle Green Valley Specific
Plan Area

Plan area permanently set aside for agriculture, grazing lands and open space.

Potential acreage to be put into agricultural production


Meetings with stakeholders, county, state & federal reps to develop the plan.


Acres currently planted in vineyard production (2010)


Miles of creeks that
will be restored




Years that agriculture
has been a part of
Green Valley

Miles of new trails

Citizens Advisory Committee meetings held in 2008-2009

Connecting Community


Connectivity is a hallmark of the Middle Green Valley community and a key goal of the Conservancy. The agriculture lands, the Green Valley Farm Stand and agriculture-related services will be physically integrated with the new community and conservation areas in a way that respects what is best shared such as views and scenic trails, and what is best buffered, such as the inevitable noise and dust of farming operations and run-off into creeks. The Middle Green Valley agricultural lands will be connected culturally to the farmers in the surrounding agricultural areas for the purposes of collaborating on regional branding and opportunities for developing distribution and processing infrastructure. More broadly, the Conservancy will increase awareness within the Middle Green Valley community  about the greater Bay Area foodshed and the benefits of locally grown food.

To accomplish this vision, the Conservancy will oversee the management of the Open Lands to ensure appropriate stewardship and conservation.

With the fulfillment of the Plan will come the emergence of the Green Valley Farm Stand. As the rest of the beautiful scenery along Green Valley Road will remain unchanged, the Farm Stand will be the only evidence of physical change along this main stretch of road, and will serve as a symbol and reminder of the rural and neighborly community that we retain in Middle Green Valley.

The Green Valley Farm Stand will be one of the first tangible results of the evolving neighborhood. It will celebrate and further the area’s agricultural traditions. It will help to satisfy burgeoning local and regional demand for fresh local food and strengthen the connections to local farmers and regional farmlands, providing the Farm with long-term financial stability will address the key challenge that has undermined urban-edge farming economies. Development fees will fund the initial planning and construction of key infrastructure for the farm and transfer tax assessments will provide a safety margin for ongoing operations.

Join celebrated Chef, David Williams of Bull Valley Roadhouse, Doug Stonebreaker of Prather Ranch, Sarah and Frank Lindemann of Mason Ranch, Justine Kelly from Sunbasket, Louise Yarbrough from Yarbrough Family Vineyards, and Johan Smit of Hidden Star Orchards plus some of the region’s most innovative winemakers, farmers, brewers and musicians for a casual evening under the oaks to enjoy good food, wine, beer, music and community. Funds from the events will support the ongoing realization of the Green Valley Farm Preserve, which will serve students, farmers, and educators in continuing to build a healthy food system and preserve agriculture.

join US For  Friday Fun
this summer!

It is with pleasure that we announce our upcoming Friday night events organized around helping our community connect to our food and the people who grow, produce and cook it. Friday Nights at the Farm is the next chapter in the realization of the Green Valley Preserve and the long-term goal of creating community, preserving the rural feeling of Green Valley, and supporting and catalyzing our regional farming system.

Friday Nights at the Farm is a celebration of the rich agricultural and regional food bounty of the Solano County region and beyond.

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We will not be having our Friday Nights at the Farm on October 13th. We instead invite you to celebrate our  bountiful Green Valley with a GVAC dinner on the 14th.

There will be a small auction and background information on the plans for Middle Green Valley!

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Board of Directors

Sarah Mason Lindemann: President

Anthony Russo: Vice President & Treasurer

Amie MacPhee: Executive Director

Claire Boyd

Dennis DeDomenico

Brendan Kelly

Doug Stonebreaker

Carolyn West

Madeleine Mulgrew

The Conservancy offers a strategic and powerful land conservation tool that promises a more certain future by providing a governing structure to manage the growing community, protect working agriculture and help shape the community character and stewardship ethic. The Conservancy is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Conservancy is also committed to implementing the Land Trust Standards and Practices,  as established by the national Land Trust Alliance.